SFC MMA classes are open to members age 13 and above. These classes incorporate techniques from BJJ, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, Western Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. The MMA class is designed to supplement training in our “core” classes with “transitional” techniques, chaining striking to wrestling, ground-and-pound to submissions, etc. The MMA student practices in no-gi clothing (t-shirts and shorts), and will typically wear shin pads and MMA practice gloves or boxing gloves. The class will be drilling and repetition intensive, and will include multiple rounds of situational sparring, as well as limited strength and conditioning circuits. Safety is a top priority at SFC Mixed Martial Arts and proper control is emphasized during training. People of all skill and experience levels are welcome.

SFC is an affiliate of the Zak Cummings Striking System.

SFC’s Professional MMA Fighters